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Volume I: Monsters of Spaz (2009)

The definitive introduction to the fascinating musical subculture of spaz.

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The Very Best of Spaz Rock


The history of "The Very Best of Spaz Rock" is a long and rich one, extending as far back, by some accounts, as the pre-Christian era, when musician-priests performed elaborate, improvised musical fugues known as "spaz" for mobs of revelers during wine soaked bacchanals in tribute to the nameless god thought by many scholars to have been the forerunner of the Greek god Dionysus. In more recent history, modern forms of the ancient quasi-religious rites of spaz began to reappear with the increasingly widespread use of psychedelic drugs and the emergence of the American counterculture in the 1960s. Stylistically, modern spaz can best be characterized as an instrumental fusion of improvisational free-form jazz, gamelan and acid rock. "The Very Best of Spaz" offers a representative cross-section of some of the finest recorded examples of contemporary spaz, as performed by the acknowledged masters of this fascinating though obscure musical genre.

Ben Armstrong, Michael Gunter, Mike Stephens, Steev Taylor, Dave Wasson, Will Woodberry




Completed Albums

Volume I: Monsters of Spaz(2009)

The definitive introduction to the fascinating musical subculture of spaz.

Killer Squid   (preferred)   Download
Immortal Jellyfish   Download
Troll Under the Bridge   Download
Baby Big Foot   Download
Demon Clown   Download
Chupacabra   Download
Frankenspaz   Download
Cerberus   Download
Creeper   Download
The Thing (of Beauty)   Download